Bergamot & Lemongrass Body Scrub - 250ml

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Bergamot & Lemongrass Body Scrub - 250ml

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Shine and glow with this special body scrub tailor made for odour and sweat prone skin and prepared from completely natural ingredients. It does not contain any chemicals which can have any negative side effects. Bergamot and lemongrass fragrance gives your body a great scent.


At Aura Botanic, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain sweaty odour prone skin. This body scrub has been prepared combining the fresh and refreshing aroma of bergamot and lemongrass to help control body odour. Regular use of this body scrub helps exfoliate your skin while moisturizing it and give you a fresh shiny skin. It also detoxifies skin of impurities for a soft and supple skin.