There is a layering ritual behind the art of maintaining beautiful soft and even facial skin.

Considered to be THE ultimate beauty secret, this ritual consists of the application of several layers on the skin in order to make it even more perfect, or paler. How do we do that?

While some products overshoot the market with their multifunctional aspect, such as the well-known BB Cream, the layering aims to go back to the beauty’s origin.
     > First, makeup is removed. This is an essential step, and is done with an oil rather than a milk, as it
     is more efficient.
     > Second, a cleaning gel is used in order to get rid of all remaining impurities.
     > Third, lotion is applied to refine the makeup removal and give the skin a soft glow.
     > After this, a serum is essential as it penetrates faster than the hydrating cream and deeply
     hydrates the skin.
     > Fifth, the eye is contoured. As the skin under the eyes is far finer that elsewhere, a gel or cream
     eye contour care product is used in order to protect it from dark rings and shadows.
     > Last but not least, a hydrating cream. To perfect the ritual, this step protects the skin from external
     aggressions such as UV or pollution.