Why my adult acne scars don’t seem to clear up?

3 Jun 2014 07:40:00

Acne is a very distressing skin condition, as it can leave severe damage on your skin. Dark spots, bumps or crater-like scars are imperfections that show up when you have acne or you’ve suffered from acne. Unfortunately, these are also skin problems that are hard to conceal.

If you have skin imperfections due to acne, you may resort to temporarily getting rid of your scars by concealing it with make-up. You use products such as primer, concealer sticks, powder and blush-on in the hopes of covering up your skin blemishes. And desperate of clearing up your skin, you may be encouraged to follow some funky skin care routine that you read about that may have worked for some people. But how come it does seem to deliver the results you are looking for?

You still have those dreary scars on your face. What’s worse, you notice more redness, and your skin is dull and flaking.

So, where did you actually go wrong?

3 Steps to Clearing Up Your Adult Acne Scars

1. Understand the type or cause of your acne

The best way to treat skin imperfections is to treat its root causes. For instance, if you suffer from hormonal acne, it is vital to know how this type of acne affects your skin. An expert advice would also tell you that if you don’t correct your hormonal imbalance through medications and proper diet, your skin condition would persist and get worst. Act on what causes your acne scars or skin problems so that you have actually less to take care of on your skin’s surface.

2. Avoid covering it up!

A lot of people suffering from this skin condition want the fast results, thus using make-up to cover up the skin discolorations and scars to achieve an almost instant blemish-free skin. What they often fail to realize it that this will only worsen their skin condition. Many cosmetics contain harmful chemicals that can cause more skin problems to sensitive skin.

Then, in frustration that their skin care regimen does not give results, they jump from one product to another, one treatment or method to another, not realizing the effects this can cause on their skin. Using chemicals after chemicals will strip the luster and moisture off the skin, leaving it dull and causing irritations that will further create more dark spots on the skin.

3. Go natural!

You may be tempted to try chemical methods such as chemical peel to remove your acne marks. While this may work, it is important to remember that this can cause severe damage on your skin if not performed properly. Skin types vary from person to person, so what may have worked for others may not work for you.

This is why our dermatologists always advise our patients to go natural. Natural skincare methods will not only help you clear the imperfections off your skin but also prevent it from reappearing.

Aside from following a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and doing regular exercise, we recommend our patients to do natural skin care routine with products that are made from powerful ingredients. The products that you should include in your regimen should not contain harsh chemicals that can exacerbate your skin condition. 

The biggest mistakes most people make in trying to clear up their skin is not knowing the proper skin care regimen that is best for their skin and skin condition. To get faster results and to avoid spending a lot of money on treatments that don’t work, it is important to learn where to start and where to go. This should make your clear skin journey smoother and hassle-free!

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