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Become a MyBeauty Reseller



Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs!

Start your beauty business with us and earn regular profits.

No heavy investment. No complication.

Work on your own terms and convenience and grow with us.

How does it work?

As an Appointed Reseller, you purchase MyBeauty products in bulk at attractive discounts and sell those products on to your relatives, friends and customers in your area at the recommended retail price.

You will be expected to make minimum monthly bulk purchases at a level of your choice. The larger your purchases, the higher the discounts. There is more!

As a reseller, you have access to the online store with discounted prices that are only available to Appointed Resellers.

You further enjoy a range of exclusive benefits:

  • Use of MyBeauty logo for your promotions.
  • Free access to all our support materials, brochures and website to support your promotions.
  • Authorised to resell all our branded products - GlowSkinWhite, AuraBotanic, Herbaku & DivaCare.
  • Exclusive access to discounted bulk prices.
  • Place your orders through our online store or via our Reseller support phone and whatsapp line # 012-335 8677 or 03-2273 5375.

How can I apply?

Participation in our MyBeauty Reseller Program is free of charge and is open to individuals and businesses of all sizes in most regions and countries.

To become a MyBeauty Reseller just fill out and submit an application form here.

Once you are accepted in the program, we will ask you to sign the MyBeauty Reseller Agreement. Then you can start purchasing immediately!

For further information or enquiry, contact us, or call our Reseller Care line at # 012-335 8677 or 03-2273 5375.