GlowSkinWhite Brightening Cream - 40gm

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GlowSkinWhite Brightening Cream - 40gm

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This “wonder cream” is a fast, effective and safe method of reducing skin discolouration and pigmentation. It contains botanical extracts which are gentle on the skin yet promote effective lightening, leaving the skin lighter, brighter, smoother and younger looking – naturally of course.



Flawless skin is now yours with GlowSkinWhite Whitening Cream. A revolutionary formula using only natural ingredients to help reduce and control dark skin spots and patches. The result is a smooth, even skin tone, which you have to see yourself to believe. Formulated with effective natural extracts for skin lightening, GlowSkinWhite Whitening Cream helps you reduce the colour intensity of dark and age spots to bring out a smooth, even out skin tone. GlowSkinWhite Whitening Cream is formulated specifically for Asian skin types, which are more prone to discolouration as a result of higher levels melanin production.


Unlike chemical treatments, GlowSkinWhite Whitening Cream is mild on the skin and 100% safe as it contains no steroids and hydroquinone. GlowSkinWhite Whitening Cream contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that not only effectively whiten dark patches and spots, but also promote a smoother and younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal. It also inhibits melanocyte formation, which is responsible for skin darkening. With continued use, your skin will also have that beautiful pinkish glow.